Common Questions about Enzymes

What are enzymes?
Enzymes are complex proteins found in every living cell that act as catalysts for every chemical reaction that occurs in the body.

What do enzymes do?
Every bodily function, organ, tissue, and cell in the body depends on the reaction of enzymes. Some of the functions that enzymes assist with are digestion, nutrient absorption, and elimination.*

Why take digestive enzyme supplements?
Raw foods supply their own digestive enzymes and assist the body in the digestive process. However, cooked foods contain fewer enzymes; therefore, the body may need supplemental enzymes to aid digestion.*

Why take systemic enzyme supplements?
When enzyme deficient foods are consumed, the body is forced to divert its production of systemic enzymes away from metabolic functions to aid in the digestive process. This diversion can result in many ill-effects, such as increased inflammation, a weakened immune system and poor circulation.* Taking a systemic enzyme supplement helps support normal, low levels of inflammation.*