Sedona Labs New Products Launch (Long Version)


Lisa Peterson Love

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DATE: March 19 , 2010


Cottonwood, AZ – Sedona Labs announces the extension of its premier nutritional supplements line by eleven new products for 2010. Sedona Labs is a market leader in targeted probiotic products sold through premium health food stores and on the web. Sedona Labs extends its probiotic line with iFlora Serene™ Sleep Support and adds a unique colon cleanse product with CortiCleanse™ Herbal Detox.

iFlora Serene™ Sleep Support

Inspired by the importance of gut health and the influence of the “gut brain” on relaxation and stress relief, iFlora Serene™ features six specific probiotic strains that support a healthy gut. The gut is considered a “second brain” by neuro-researchers and produces many of the chemicals associated with relaxation and a healthy mood in the brain.

iFlora Serene™ also contains Lactium®, a clinically researched milk peptide that supports sleep, relaxation and stress relief. Lactium received the European Bronze Award for the Best Innovation in Health Ingredient, 2004. It may be taken by those who are lactose intolerant. The product also contains highly absorbable zinc chelate, which also helps support a healthy mood.

“We think the combination of Lactium®, a recognized leader in natural relaxation and healthy sleep support, plus probiotics will help support the normal sleep and relaxation so many of our customers are looking for,” said Lisa Peterson Love, marketing director of Sedona Labs.

CortiCleanse™ Herbal Detox

Based on its long history of colon care with probiotics, Sedona Labs is launching a unique colon cleanse product with powerful antioxidant and adaptogenic support.

CortiCleanse™ features Magnolia bark, used in traditional Chinese practice to promote a natural state of relaxation that supports healthy elimination. It also includes Ashwaganda root and Korean Red Ginseng, both known for their adaptogenic properties, that help support the body while it is under stress. N-Acetyl-Cysteine supports a healthy liver, essential to any detoxification program. Ginger and Turmeric give antioxidant and digestive support while Senna leaf and Rhubarb root complete the formula as effective cleansers.

This product is a 10-day cleanse.

“Increased stress affects the body’s ability to relax and establish healthy bowel habits,” says Lisa Peterson Love, marketing director of Sedona Labs. “The unique CortiCleanse™ formula supports healthy colon cleansing with adaptogens, antioxidants, cleansing herbs, liver support and relaxation support.”

Additional information on the Sedona Labs line of nutritional supplements is available at Sedona Labs products are available through premium health food stores and on the web.