There IS a Solution to “Bad Gas”(Short Version)


Lisa Peterson Love

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DATE: November 20 , 2008




  • Odorous flatulence caused by undigested protein
  • The right enzymes and probiotics support normal protein digestion


There IS a Solution to “Bad Gas”

Cottonwood, AZ—The Sedona Labs® company, a leader in digestive products for over 20 years, features two enzyme products that may help overcome “bad gas.”

Most people avoid the subject—and the ones who don’t, you wish they would. “Bad gas” is gas that smells bad. For many people, the problem is so embarrassing they won’t leave their homes unless absolutely necessary.

“Bad gas” is produced when undigested protein putrefies in the colon as bacteria there attempt to break it down. This produces an undesirable (and smelly) chemical—hydrogen sulfite. Hydrogen sulfite not only smells bad, it may also damage fragile colonic cells and tissue.

The Sedona Labs® company offers two all-vegetarian digestive enzyme products that support complete digestion of all food groups in the upper and lower digestive tract:

  • NextZyme™ Dual Digestive Enzymes contains a triple-action digestive enzymes formula and a no-gas prebiotic (scFOS). Enteric-coated enzymes ensure activity in the small intestine.
  • ZymaFlora® Acid Balance Formula contains the same formula plus five strains of probiotics.

    The Sedona Labs® digestive enzyme products support complete protein digestion— in the stomach and small intestine—and that helps avoid “bad gas.”