Your Gut Protects You! (Short Version)


Lisa Peterson Love

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DATE: May 15, 2009

  • Probiotics for natural protection against what life throws at us
Your Gut Protects You!

Cottonwood, AZ— Living in close proximity to other people is a part of life, unless we want to live in an isolation bubble.

The Sedona Labs® company in Cottonwood, Arizona, is a leader in multi-strain probiotics that support a flexible and robust immune response to help us stay healthy while going through our daily routines.

“Most people think of probiotics for digestion, not the immune system,” says Lisa Peterson Love, Marketing Director for Sedona Labs. “However, probiotics and your natural flora are critical to a healthy immune response. In fact, over 70% of your immune system is in the lining of your gut.”

Many people have lower than optimum levels of good bacteria due to age, medications, poor diet, and stress. Taking a daily multi-probiotic like iFlora® Multi-Probiotic® Formula can help support a normal immune response.

iFlora® Multi-Probiotic® contains a variety of 16 strains that help the immune system regulate normally.