New Product Release iFlora™ Nasal Health (Short Version)


Roger Braun

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DATE: June 05, 2008

New Product Release iFlora™ Nasal Health



  • New use for probiotics
  • Natural sinus and nasal health solutions
  • Probiotics help immune system work in distal (distant) sites including sinuses


Probiotics—not just for digestive health!
Sedona Labs (Cottonwood, AZ), a leader in multi-strain probiotic formulas for over 20 years, introduces its new line of specialized probiotic formulas with patent-pending iFlora® Nasal Health. Based on clinical research by Swiss scientists, iFlora® Nasal Health contains four specific strains of probiotics that maintain nasal and sinus health by supporting a healthy immune response. The product also contains N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), a natural antioxidant that breaks up stagnant mucus (mucolytic). It’s a powerful combination of probiotic protection, potent antioxidant activity—plus mucus busting power that supports sinus and nasal health.