Multi-Probiotic® Products Support the Body’s “Forgotten Organ” (Short Version)


Roger Braun

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DATE: August 22, 2008




  • Beneficial natural flora are “the forgotten organ,” also called the “flora organ”
  • A wide diversity of probiotic strains support a healthy “flora organ”


Multi-Probiotic™ Products Support the Body’s “Forgotten Organ”

Cottonwood, AZ—Sedona Labs, a leader in multi-probiotic® formulas for over 20 years, reports increasing scientific support for maintaining a diversity of probiotic strains in the human intestinal tract.

iFlora® Multi-Probioti® Formula contains 16 probiotic strains featuring nine Lactobacilli, five Bifidobacteria, and one each of Streptococcus and Lactococcus.

Research by The Genomic Research has identified up to 1,000 species and trillions of cells that permanently live inside the human gut. These trillions of flora organisms are so necessary for human health that many scientists are calling this vast ecosystem the “forgotten organ.” It is also called the “flora organ.”

The flora organ helps maintain healthy digestive, immune, nasal, heart, and metabolic health.

Sedona Labs™ scientists recommend supplementing with multi-probiotic® products that contain a wide diversity of probiotic strains to help support and maintain the health of the flora organ.



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