Research on Enzymes

Research On Digestive Enzymes:

When there is an enzyme deficiency in the diet, the digestive system is compromised.* When the digestive system is compromised, even the healthiest diet can not be properly utilized.* Initially, one may suffer common discomforts such as occasional acid indigestion, constipation, diarrhea and gas.* However, many health conditions such as fatigue, skin rashes, headaches, lack of concentration, and irritability can be “directly linked to poorly digested foods.”¹


Research On Systemic Enzymes:

Systemic enzymes are protein (proteolytic) enzymes that have been proven to be highly effective in supporting a normal inflammation response in the human body.* Leading researchers, doctors and scientists now believe that maintaining a healthy, normal inflammation response is the KEY to maintaining good health.² When there is irritation, injury or toxins in the body, the normal inflammation response sends white blood cells to the area, resulting in cellular debris. Systemic enzymes support the normal post-inflammatory break up and elimination of this cellular debris.*

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