Why Sedona Labs Probiotics?

Over 20 years ago, the Sedona Labs® company launched its proprietary multi-strain probiotic blend. Today it is still the premium probiotic on the market for potency and effectiveness.

Research has proven that multi-strain probiotic blends are more effective than formulas with only one or a few strains. As a result, Sedona Labs® has developed a specialized line of broad-spectrum probiotic blends to meet diverse health needs.

The Sedona Labs® professionals know that the process of making high quality probiotics is crucial to their viability and effectiveness. All Sedona Labs® probiotics are formulated and distributed from Sedona Labs® and manufactured in state of the art, FDA registered facilities. This attention to care ensures purity and freshness from start to finish; all Sedona Labs® products are independently tested for quality assurance.


Beneficial Health Solutions

Formulated under meticulous research standards with only the finest ingredients, our extended Probiotics line supports:*


Sinus & Upper Respiratory Health

Immune & Digestive Health

Women's Health

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