About Sedona Labs


Sedona Labs formulas are uniquely crafted using clinically-studied probiotic stains, at researched dosages, targeted to meet select health needs. Strain selection and product design can make a tremendous difference in the effectiveness of a probiotic. That’s why our professional formulas contain Proprietary Synbiotic Blends—combinations of select probiotic strains plus prebiotic fiber. Prebiotic fiber provides increased proliferation and lifespan of probiotics, without gas or stomach upset. Best of all, we make sure you can tailor the dose of our formulas to address the individual needs of your clients.

All of the Sedona Labs probiotics require no refrigeration. The formulas are shelf stable due to the use of a patented cellular matrix stabilization process on bacterial strains. This freeze dried patented cryo-protectant matrix encapsulation technology preserves integrity of bacterial wall during manufacturing and storage to promote stability. And, our professional formulas only include probiotic strains that have a natural resistance to stomach acid and bile, so they can safely travel through the GI tract to provide support where needed the most.

80% of your immune system is located in your digestive system